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Having a hard time replacing old non-standard boring size hardware or would you just love some really fun looking pulls? These Custom Pulls coordinate with ball knobs or stand alone. Hand made-to-fit, any size (2½" boring or longer), these little 1" daimeter balls hold 5/8" diameter rods.

Interested? Contact Judes to request a design and/or quote.

Here are just a few examples: Pulls Coordinating Knobs
A: All Solids Pulls Solid One-Color Ball Knobs
B: Solid Balls Stripe Rod Pulls Cummerbund Knobs
C: Hutcheon Custom Pulls Spotted Knobs
D: Power Flower Custom Pulls Coordinating Flower Knobs

Solid One-Color Ball Knobs

Design Options:
A: All Solids - One Color Ball Ends/One Color Solid Rod $20.00
B: One Color Ball Ends/Two Color Design Rod $24.00
C: Two Color Design Ball Ends/One Color Solid Rod $25.00
D: Three or more Color Design Ball Ends/One Color Solid Rod $26.00
E: Three or More Color Design Ball Ends/Two color Design Rod $28.50
F: Really unique ideas of your own, as example shown Varies

For ball ends designs request just about any of my ball knobs designs. Have samples, or ideas of you own .... that's great!
Interested? Contact Judes to request a design and/or quote.
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