Silly Face Cabinet Knobs

Aloha!. Select two colors.

One size only.

2"x2" Square Hybiscus           $24.00

Top left to bottom right: Zebra,

Metallic Leopard, Cow,

Matte Cheetah, Snow Leopard

with Metallic Pewter.

Black rim bases.

One size, 1-3/4" Chunky British

Style Animal Print Knobs    $24.00

Cute bees and/or beetle knobs.

Small Bee or Beetle Knob           $15.00
Medium Bee or Beetle  Knob       $18.00
Large Bee or Beetle Knob          $22.00

These sparkly glitter bugs come in several glitter colors.

Small Glitter Scarab Knob          $16.00
Large Glittler Scarab Knob        $20.00

Yummy fruit on a british style knob. Select Background and stripe base colors. Just tell me what

flavor fruits you desire.

Small Fruit Cabinet Knob        $22.00
Medium Fruit Cabinet Knob     $24.00

Swirl inside a square.
Select a base, background

and swirl color.

Gloss or low luster finish.

One size only. 2"x2" Square   $22.00


Lady Bug & Bumble Bee Knobs

Glitter Scarab Beetle Knobs

British Style Fruit Knobs

Striped & Checkered Knobs

1/2" Stripes or Checks. Select two colors. Gloss or low luster finish.

One size only.

2" Squares with Stripes       $15.00

2" Squares with Checks       $20.00

Fun for everyone! Tell me which faces you want from above image.
Select one background color per knob.

Silly face knobs come in one size,

2"x2" square.                   $22.00

All items are priced each. Sorry, no discounts for larger order. These are not made by machine. More knobs, more work, I get paid more, right? I do not keep much stock, 99% of orders are created from client specifications. Feel free

to select from these designs or request a design from your own samples.

Lead time for most knob orders is a guesstimate and runs about 4-ish weeks.

I paint as fast as I can without sacrificing quality.

For more detailed information please see: ORDERING INFORMATION PAGE

All knobs available in glossy or low luster finishes.

British and Mushroom style Knobs

judestuff is YOUR stuff

Custom Hand Painted Cabinet Knobs Hardware, and Accessories.
Knobs, Pulls & Handles for kitchen, bathroom, built-ins, furniture doors and drawers.

Six color fishes come in seven background colors.

Purple, yellow, orange, magenta, aqua,

lime green. deep periwinkle blue.

Black and white striped base.

One size only. 1-3/4" mushroom

style knob.       $25.00

Order by specifying background color.

Black Square middle, white edge.

Chosen color ombre from out-side in.

From top right: aqua, periwinkle,

red, orange, lime.
One size only. 2"x2" Square   $24.00

Alien flowers, very retro!

Select two colors.

One size only.

1-3/4" Alien Cabinet Knob      $18.00

Animal Print British Knobs

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Questions? Contact Jude

Gecko Cabinet Knobs

Sweet little lizards. Select one each

background, body, spine, eye

and two stripe base colors.

Gecko knobs come in one size,

2"x2" square.                   $24.00

Easy Grip Round Knobs Sizes

Inches (diameter)
Small = 1¼"
Medium = 1½"
Large = 1¾"
Easy Grip Square Knobs 2"x 2" only

Hibiscus Cabinet Knobs

Swirl in a square Knobs

Squares on a Square Knobs

Alien Flower Cabinet Knobs

Colorful Fish Knobs