1001 combos, from fun to sophisticated!

Select two colors.

Small Spiral Cabinet Knob            $16.00
Medium Spiral Cabinet  Knob        $18.00
Large Spiral Cabinet Knob           $20.00

Ball Style Cabinet & Drawer Knobs

Spotted Cabinet Knobs

Chunky stripe band middle.

Select a background color,

two stripe colors.

Small Cummerbund Knob          $16.00
Medium Cummerbund Knob       $18.00
Large Cummerbund Knob         $20.00

Multi-Color Dots Cabinet Knobs
Select 5-6 dots colors & one

background color. Note: For

background, brighter/lighter colors

(or black) work best.

Small Multi-Color Dots Knob       $18.00
Medium Multi-Color Dots Knob    $20.00
Large Multi-Color Dots Knob       $22.00

Spiral Design Cabinet Knobs

Retro five petal power flowers.

Select background, petals

and center colors.

Small Spotted Cabinet Knob      $18.00
Medium Spotted Cabinet Knob   $20.00
Large Spotted Cabinet Knob     $22.00

Glitter Ball Knobs

  Ball Knobs Sizes

  Inches (diameter)
  Teeny = 1"
  Small = 1¼"
  Medium = 1½"
  Large = 1¾"
  Even Bigger 2", 2¼", 2½", 2¾" 3"
  special request, prices vary

Two, three or six (shown) colors.

Two colors alternate, three colors show

twice each, six colors show once each.

Each knob can match or have step

up color positioning. Select colors.

Medium Six Rings Cabinet Knob   $20.00

Large Six Rings Cabinet Knob     $22.00

All items are priced each. Sorry, no discounts for larger order.

These are not made by machine. More knobs,more work, I get paid more, right?

I do not keep much stock. 99% of orders are created from client specifications.

Feel free to select from these designs or request a design from your own samples.

Lead time for most orders is a guesstimate and runs about 4-ish weeks.

I paint fast as I can without sacrificing quality.

For more detailed information please see: ORDERING INFORMATION PAGE

All knobs available in glossy or low luster finishes.

Multi-Dots Design Knobs

Colorful solid glitter ball knob.

Select one GLITTER color

for each knob.

Teeny Glitter ball Knob         $12.00
Small Glitter Ball Knob         $14.50
Medium Glitter Ball Knob       $16.00
Large Glitter Ball Knob         $18.50

Power Flower Knobs


Named after the first client to ask for stripes, Jerry stripe knobs can be painted in two to four colors.

Gloss or matte finish.

Select colors.

Small Spotted Cabinet Knob    $16-$20
Medium Spotted Cabinet Knob $18-$22
Large Spotted Cabinet Knob   $22-$26

Gum Ball Cabinet Knobs

Cummerbund Knobs

For knobs that *POP* choose colors

that contrast with background color.

Select one background color and one

dots color. Glossy or matte finish.

Small Polka Dots Cabinet Knob     $16.00
Medium Polka Dots Cabinet Knob  $18.00
Large Polka Dots Cabinet Knob     $20.00

Jerry Stripe Knobs

Polka-Dots Cabinet Knobs

Half & Half Cabinet Knobs

Big curl starts swoops down

and around this classic ball knob.

Select two colors.

Small Spotted Cabinet Knob      $16.00
Medium Spotted Cabinet Knob   $18.00
Large Spotted Cabinet Knob     $20.00

Simple half & half knobs.

Mix or match. Select two colors.

Small Half & Half Knob            $14.00
Medium Half & Half  Knob        $16.00
Large Half & Half Knob            $18.00

Select two colors.
Gloss or matte (shown) finish.

Small Spotted Cabinet Knob      $16.00
Medium Spotted Cabinet Knob   $18.00
Large Spotted Cabinet Knob     $20.00

Big Curl Design Knobs

Not creepy! These pretty eye knobs

come in three colors, blue,

warm brown and hazel green.

Small Eye Cabinet Knob            $15.00
Medium Eye Cabinet  Knob        $17.00

5 Rings Design Knobs

Colorful solid (one color) knobs.

They look like gum balls!

Select one color for each knob.

Glossy or matte finish.

Teeny Solid Cabinet Knob          $10.00
Small Solid Cabinet Knob          $12.50
Medium Solid Cabinet Knob       $14.00
Large Solid Cabinet Knob          $16.50

Pretty Eyeball Design Knobs

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